Sharing the outdoors with your kids

How often do you let your kids get dirty?  Allow them to run free, climb that tree or rock, put a bug in their mouth, and jump in puddles?  We continually hear about the benefits of getting outside – for youth and adults – and yet, somehow, we still worry about whether that mud-pie the kids are making in the backyard is going to end up in their mouths (*spoiler alert:  yes, yes it will!).  We know a bit of dirt is good for the immune system and the smiles on our kids’ faces when they are outside should tell us how we all need to get out a bit more.

Some startling facts about youth activity:

  • 6 hours spent on screens per day
  • 6 minutes spent outside per day
  • 20% of North American children are obese

The David Suzuki Foundation has done a lot of work and research into encouraging people to get outside.  They have the 30 x 30 Challenge which is to challenge individuals to get outside for 30 days for 30 minutes (starting in spring – sign up here!) and they also have the Suzuki Superhero Challenge program; a program aimed at getting kids outside.

The Superhero challenge is a 4-week, FREE program available to anyone (yes, even for the classroom and educators!).  Per their website, the program teaches kids that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature, we can raise the next generation of leaders to protect the people and places we love.

They’ve created a great program that the whole family can participate in and touches on water, food, energy, and transportation.  Most importantly, it celebrates getting together in a fun and healthy way because, after all, isn’t that what life is suppose to be?

I’d encourage all families to take a few minutes and sign up and I’d also love to hear how it goes.  Did your kids become Superheroes?  Did YOU become a Superhero?  Contact me with a story or tag your families’ adventures on Instagram using #activewomencanada!

Check out this 3 minute video by Jeremy Prusso on what taking the family outside means to him:




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