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Tara Howse

Tara, Adam and Shasta

Active Women is developed and managed by Tara Howse – a woman who wished she had known some Awesome Active Women growing up.  Inspired by the lack of athletes on many women’s fitness magazines, Tara believes that there is an actual business case for marketing to active women – of all shapes, creed, colour, and orientation –  and one that does not define the basis of success on a bust and waist size.  She believes that all women have the ability to be an Awesome Active Woman and hopes she can inspire a few more to be active.

With a background growing up playing hockey, Tara came to outdoor activity a bit later in life and now can not imagine another form of exercise.  She cycled Canada in 2010, was 22 miles shy of completing  “Canada’s Hardest Backpacking Trail” (Maclean’s, 2012) in 2014 (the 222 mile CANOL Heritage Trail), and completed 1700 of the 2600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail before the giardia forced her off (it wasn’t good!). (See her presentation on the Videos page). Between these events, she has taken up mountain biking for her primary summer activity and a mix of downhill skiing, snowboarding, and ski-touring in the winter.

She’s happily married (to a man who thinks Active Women are Awesome) and they have a dog (Shasta, who will likely be featured prominently on this site…because female dogs deserve recognition too, right?).  They moved to Rossland, BC after the 2010 cycling extravaganza and have fallen in love with this amazing little Kootenay town.

In April 2016, Tara was diagnosed with SLE lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease (check out Lupus Canada for more info) that does crazy, crazy things to the body. It has manifested in her as lupus arthritis, pleurisy (inflammation of the lungs), high risk of blood clots, and kidney issues. It has severely restricted activity levels as the sun/UV rays cause flares. Alas, given Tara’s stubbornness, simply not being active or going outdoors is not an option: she slathers on sunscreen, rocks her sexy blue UPF outfit, and does what she can with her lowered abilities. Will she ever be able to finish the PCT? Bike-pack the Colorado Trail? Cycle tour the Silk Road? No idea! Only time will tell…but she does quite enjoy harassing her husband with those dreams.

Are you interested in being a contributor?  Do you have a story to tell?  Contact me with your ideas!

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  1. Jayne Doxtater

    Hi Tara, I wrote about the challenge of Fear. I wanted to connect with you, what is a good way . . wasn’t sure what link to click onto. Thanks, Jayne


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