Pacific Crest Trail Info

So you’re interested in this trek I’m about to embark on, eh?  Alrighty, I’ll do a brief overview about what’s happening, basically answering those common FAQs.  For more information, please check out

My "Entry to Canada" permit!The What:

  • I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  No, not that Pacific COAST Trail.  The Pacific CREST Trail, affectionately known as the PCT.
  • It’s approximately 2,650 miles.  That’s 4,264 km for those of us living north of that border.  Most everything is in imperial so I am forcing myself to learn how long a mile is…luckily, I’ve had a bit of experience last year due to the CANOL Trail.

The Who:

  • Just me!  Yup – I’m doing this solo (but fully expect to not be alone…there’s a lot of other people out there on the trail).
  • Except in Washington where SHASTA will join me!!!  YIPPEE!!

The Where:

  • Starting point is Campo, California (right on the Mexico/US border).
  • End point is in Manning Park, BC.
  • It goes through:  California, Oregon, and Washington.

The When:

  • I start on April 27th
  • I hope to end mid-September
  • The common hiking window is late-April to mid-September.  This allows for snowmelt in the Sierras and (hopefully) finishing up in Manning before the snow flies.  However, due to the very low snow year many people have started quite early.

The Why:

  • I dunno…’cuz?!
  • I wish I could provide you with a logical, rational answer that everyone will understand but, the reality is, some of you will “get it” and some of you won’t.  That’s ok.

The How:

  • Walking!
  • Ok, seriously, I’ll have a backpack with all of my gear and then Adam will be mailing 17 resupply boxes full of food.  I’ll also be able to resupply and supplement the food along the way since there are tons of towns nearby.  I’ve opted to mail myself food so that I know I’ll get the nutrition I need.  I’ve been cooking and dehydrating like a mad woman.  Everything in little Ziplock baggies, labelled, and most of it in boxes.
  • Please visit the “Resupply” tab to see more about what I’ve made and where my planned stops will be.
  • I expect to average 20 miles/day.  Although not quite in the physical shape I had hoped to be at this point (I’m blaming the low snow year – I just didn’t get out like I expected to), knowing my body, I figure I’ll be pretty close to doing 20 mile days fairly quickly.

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