Resupply Plans

**VERY IMPORTANT:  Although I have “dates” attached to certain areas, it by  no means indicates I will be at x town on date.  There are so many variables that dates will likely range +/- 2 weeks.  Please be aware I can not provide a guaranteed “Date of Arrival”.  All information is simply best-estimates.

There are so many options along the trail and it’s possible to simply buy all my food along the way.  However, I know that buying gas station or convenience store fare will not do me well so I’ve opted to cook and make most of my meals.  I do know I’ll buy some meals along the way (for instance, purchasing fresh fruit for breakfast the next day) and although I’ll mail myself some snacks, I have decide to predominantly rely on purchasing most of my snacks along the way.  I figure this will give me the variety I’ll want and the healthy food I crave.

The next thing to consider about food was stove needs:  I want coffee, I enjoy a tea at night, and I like hot meals.  This lead to the consideration of a new stove, likely the commonly used JetBoil.  However, as I’ve noted in another blog post, having peace of mind is important to me.  Given how well I know the WhisperLite and how comfortable I am with this stove, I feel better carrying this stove, in spite of the increased weight.

Moroccan Stew

Moroccan stew: just tastes better when heated!

This lead to the question of how much fuel to carry.  I’ve based my fuel consumption on the CANOL trip last summer (20 days, 2 people, heavy fuel use) and have estimated that I will go through about 1 large (30 oz) canister in 240 miles or approximately 12 days.  I’ve decided to  carry 2 x 30 oz canisters so am estimating about 500 miles between fuel needs, but knowing I’ll likely use less fuel than estimated.  Looking at a fuel list that was compiled and updated by a 2014 thru-hiker, plus contacting a few key stores along the way, I’m pretty confident I should be able to fill the canisters as needed (white fuel).

With all of this information, the next step was to actually figure out how many boxes, where…and what to put in them!  There’s an amazing tool called Craig’s PCT Planner.  Craig figured out all of the fancy calculations and you can easily plunk in your expected numbers (miles per day, hours per day, impact of elevation changes) and it then creates a nifty sheet showing you where you’ll be and how long it will take you.  Super fancy…and it’s free to use.  Huge thanks goes out to Craig for doing this because it makes planning so much easier!

Here’s the link to my full, detailed resupply plan:

Here’s a summary of that plan:

Resupply Plan

What to eat…

I’m so afraid to put this in writing and jinx it…but here it goes:  I’ve created a plan that does not include oatmeal.  Yes, folks, it’s true:  I may actually complete this summer without having to choke down a bowl of oatmeal!  For those who’ve had the pleasures of doing any type of backcountry activity, you’ll know the gravity of this statement.  For those who haven’t, oatmeal is a STAPLE food for the backcountry.  It’s a given that you’ll pack it and eat it.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a fresh bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh berries and maple syrup but on about Day 4 of dry-ish oatmeal (conserve that fuel and water!) with dried fruit…nope.  It’s horrible.   Part of me thinks I’ll end up picking up some of those instant oatmeal packages along the way to supplement but, as of right now, I have NO PLANS FOR OATMEAL!!!  WAHOO!

Although I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, I am both egg and lactose intolerant and since I find meat just takes a wee bit longer to rehydrate, most of my meals are actually vegan.  I’ll meat-it-up when I’m in town.

So…what will I eat?

Stir fry

Stir fry!

  • Breakfasts:  Granola, buckwheat, mashed orange potato, PB with fruit and tortillas, baked beans, refried beans…and chili as I want it!
  • Lunches:  Lots of no-cook options here in the form of dips (variety of bean dips, olive and mushroom tapenades, cashew cheese, lentil dips) and salads (such as quinoa, rice, couscous) also in the rotation are blended soups (like squash or potato), and ramen noodles with dehydrated veggies.  Everything can also be heated up if I have enough fuel and/or it’s chilly plus all can be supplemented with wraps, crackers, or veggies for more “oomph”.
  • Dinner:  Well, what would you eat at home?  I’ve got chills, curries, couscouses (hee hee, that word is funny), lentils, stir fry, and soups!

And, of course, supplementing with various deli sandwiches along the way!

A huge thanks goes out to anyone who’s supplied me with some snacks or meals so far!  It’s truly appreciated, especially as I get down to the wire and every hour seems to count!  Thank you!

Hopefully this answers some questions you’ve had about the hike and my resupply plan.  If you have anymore, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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