Awesome Active Women

Who are Awesome Active Women?  Probably you!  These are the women who inspire us, the women we want to hang out with, and the women we want our friends, daughters, and self to be.

They may be professional athletes but, more often, they are our neighbours, business owners, and friends.  They have figured out how to incorporate active living into their every day life and will inspire you to get out and be active or try something new.  These are the women who know we’re never too old to learn, never too good to improve, and are there to help you.

And, most importantly,  they have fun.

Do you know (or are you?) an  Awesome Active Woman?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please fill in this contact form with a brief (2-3 sentenced) introduction on the Awesome Active Woman and be sure to indicate which province she is in.

Awesome Active Women! 

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