At VVR and safe!

I just wanted to let you know I’m safe!  There is limited internet here at Vermillion Valley Resort so I will have to fill in the gaps some other time but here’s the summary!

In the last couple of weeks: Mom left, I fought through a shin splint, drank uranium water. passed the 1/4 completion mark, water filter broke, finished the desert, critter chewed my bladder nozzle, cursed the weight of 12 days of food, entered the Sierra Nevada mountain range, summited the highest mountain in the lower 48, freaked out weekenders with an (apparently) inappropriate comment about marmot meat, hit the highest point on the PCT,  broke a trekkig pole, laughed at all the water, jumped in alpine lakes and streams (brrrr), got lost, did a 21-22 mile day (refer to last point), passes the 1/2 way through California point, had campfires, and now feel that 8,000 feet is a “low” elevation.

Oh yeah, and saw some really sweet scenery!

I will do my best to post more detailed entries in the coming days, as battery life and wifi allow!

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