Sorry for the (unexpected) break!

I owe everyone an apology for the ridiculously long break without warning or even a brief update. It was truly indicative of how little time I had the past few months.

During the winter, I took the step of reaching out to the Green Party of Canada inquiring of the process to run as a candidate in the Federal Election. It was actually near the end of our Arizona trip that I found out I was approved as a potential candidate and, in late June, I was acclaimed as the Green Party Candidate for the South Okanagan-West Kootenay riding.

My headshot – so fancy, yes?

Yup: I entered politics!

It was an incredible experience for me but I was also managing 2 courses and 2 contracts throughout the summer (although I did manage to finish up 1 course before the writ was dropped).

I was easily putting in 40-50 hours/week for the campaign, in addition to the above commitments, and this blog was the first casualty of whatever spare time I had.

Alas, as you can probably figure out, I did not win. And so I will resume my posting in hopes that I can encourage you to engage in outdoor activity; assist in quashing that inner voice that may prevent you from engaging due to some ridiculous societal demand you must ‘look’ a certain way; continue to push for better representation in the media of women in sport; support equal pay initiatives; and generally provide a voice for Canadian women in outdoor sport.

As famed feminist writer Helene Cixous notes, writing is empowerment. “It is time for women to start scoring their feats in written and oral language”.

If we aren’t talking about and celebrating our accomplishments, who else will?

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