Sunspot, HO!

Sunspot Hike

Just over 6 months as a new mom and I’ve been given the green light by my physiotherapist to do a bigger hike. This really means a lot to me. I initially returned to activity too early and too hard. (I can already see the “eye-rolls” from those who know me… What else is new? Typical type A female!). A series of nagging injuries and a flare in my Lupus made me stop and seek some needed medical advice before charging again. Although hiking to Sun Spot is not what my pre-mom self would have called charging, it’s all relative isn’t it? 

Turns out, most pregnant people experience separation of their abdominal muscles. I didn’t know that but it makes sense, in hindsight. So, Mrs. Rectus Abdominis’ muscle tear is now on the mend and transverse abdominis is finally starting to come back. Thus, time to challenge the core with an easy-to-moderate 2 hour hike (approximately 100 m climb over 2.5 km). I lightened my load by having my husband carried our munchkin and our lunch while I loaded up on diapers. 

The whole family saddled up and into the forest we went! Adventure Ho!

My Haiku:

Up the mountain we go

Forest green, bright yellow sun

Mountain family fun

Aside from the bugs, ‘twas lots of fun. And, the next day, my body felt pretty darn good.

Thanks, physiotherapy, for helping me grade activity to my recovering body.

FYI: All pregnant and postpartum ladies must see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. One of the best investment to your recovering body, hands-down.

More adventures to come,

Teresa and Maddie

Teresa and Maddie live in Rossland, B.C. where they are enjoying maternity leave. They are looking forward to a summer of hiking around the Purcell and Rossland mountain ranges. ​​Maddie loves grass, hanging upside down and her jolly jumper.

Like what Teresa has to say? Check out some of her earlier posts (pre-Maddie!) about improving your self-talk and, ultimately, yourself.

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