From Glacier Crossings to Leaf Detail: Appreciating the everyday

Glacier crossing

Teresa crossing a glacier

It was over a year ago, while crossing a glacier with my husband, that it dawned on me I was pregnant.

It’s been over a year and my body has gone through tremendous change. 

It’s been over a year where I haven’t been able to do the things I used to do.

I’ve had to re-establish new roles of being a mother, a wife, and friend.

The past year has been challenging and not smooth at all. I’ve been in and out of the hospital and doctor offices. I’ve had medication changes, infections, and connective tissue flares. I just want my body to feel normal again; not to be so sleep deprived. Sometimes, I just want to get on my bike and ride like I used to.

But then, I look at my little girl and she smiles and giggles. She looks at me like I am the most important and best person in the world. It makes my heart melt.

I strap her in her little carrier and we go on a nature walk looking at the leaves, bugs, dirt, and water streams.

She loves grass and lets her little fingers explore it in such detail. A year ago, I would never have given the time for that.

She has taught me to take a slower and gentler side to life. She’s taught me that getting outside doesn’t mean extreme sports or personal bests. It’s about the journey and being happy in the now, not comparing with the past or wondering about the future.

Right now – as we are – is the most important thing.

Teresa BioTeresa and Maddie live in Rossland, B.C. where they are enjoying maternity leave. They are looking forward to a summer of hiking around the Purcell and Rossland mountain ranges. ​​Maddie loves grass, hanging upside down and her jolly jumper.

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