New Mom + Outdoor Activity = ?

You may remember guest poster, Teresa, from earlier posts about tools on improving your self-talk about yourself. It’s been a little while since she’s posted as her focus has shifted to caring for her new baby. As with most new moms, her activity level has drastically reduced and has been significantly altered but she took the time to share her thoughts on what activity now means with a newborn.


It’s 8 weeks post delivery, you are mega sleep deprived and think some fresh air on the deck would be great. Even better, you realize you can roll out the yoga mat!

The sun is warming up the deck and you miraculously get your baby to actually fall asleep in their crib and not in your arms or whatever carrier you use. You realize it’s the perfect time to stretch your body and get some fresh air. You bring the baby monitor outside, roll out your yoga mat, and embrace the warm, brilliant sun. Looking up, you take a deep breath in and appreciate these moments.

The sun is so nice and warm. The birds are chirping and there’s a light breeze.

You start with cat/cow, flow into child’s pose…Hold child’s pose…holding, holding…

The mat is radiating the heat; so nice and warm. You flip over to your back to do some hip openers but decide to settle on corpse pose…the sun bright on the eyes. You close your eyes, telling yourself to settle into corpse pose…Zzzzzzzzzzzz…

Victory is yours! Outside, fresh air, light exercise, a sleeping baby, and a nap!

Teresa BioTeresa and Maddie live in Rossland, B.C. where they are enjoying maternity leave. They are looking forward to a summer of hiking around the Purcell and Rossland mountain ranges. ​​Maddie loves grass, hanging upside down and her jolly jumper.

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