Don’t hibernate yet!


I get it: cozy sweaters, comfortable pants, and no shaving obligations are all such a great draw to simply stay indoors as the temperatures cool and the days become shorter. But – I’m begging you –  please don’t succumb!

I’m guessing you likely spend most of your day-time hours indoors, at an office, and on the computer. Perhaps you’re one of the types who finishes work and hits the gym; which is also indoors and where you continue to inhale that recirculated air. You then get back into your car, drive home, and stay indoors all evening (even if you “go out”, you’re still probably inside: at a movie, at a friend’s, at a restaurant). That means you spent approximately 10 minutes outside and it was simply to get from the door to your car…and to the next door.


We all have excuses: excuses are easy. A body at rest tends to stay at rest, right? I’m not saying it’s going to be a simple task but it doesn’t have to be a herculean task, either. There are some areas of life where we don’t have a ton of control about where we spend it; such as at work and standard home living requirements (like sleeping). Other areas, we have a lot of control over and I urge you to consider your daily habits and routine and see where you can expand upon engaging in fresh air activity.

Let’s consider the gym-goer. Aside from professional athletes or targeted strength training (such as for a recovery), most people are going to the gym simply to get some exercise and movement in their day. How many people do you see at the gym on a treadmill or the stepclimber or a stationary bike? Skip the class and take it outside! Walk, hike, or go for a ride. Feel that fresh air fill your lungs (and save some money, too!).

Not a gym rat? Ok, maybe you come home after a long day at work and simply want to sit down and have a beer/wine/scotch. Do you know what will make that drink taste better? Having a brisk walk beforehand. It doesn’t even have to be complicated! Put on walking shoes and head out the door for 10 minutes – instead of happy hour, grab your friend and hit the dirt (or pavement). Miserable weather? Trust me, a hot chocolate and Bailey’s is delightful when you’re chilly and/or wet!

This time of year is absolutely fantastic for starting a new habit. The cooler temperatures and shorter days are actually a huge plus right now (if you take advantage of it!). There’s a whole lot less sweating going on and the golden evening sun is absolutely stunning on the changing leaves. Plus, if you start getting into that after work or after dinner routine now, by the time it truly is dark outside you’ll be sufficiently motivated to continue.

Have you started a new routine this season? Have you encouraged a friend to step outside their “indoor box” lately? I’d love to hear about it. Share your ideas below and post the photos using #activewomencanada and show your love for fall weather!

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