Olympics are Over: Are you Inspired?


I know I sure am! I was watching the women’s mountain biking (cheering on Catharine Pendrel and Emily Batty!) and looking at the course going “Heck YES! I could do that course!” It wasn’t a technically challenging course so it’s just a matter of fitness. And fitness is just a matter of repetition.

Oh, and Catharine Pendrel – the woman who crashed at the beginning of the race, ended up as far back as 15th, and then persevered on until she claimed the bronze (!) –  she’s 35.  36 pretty soon, actually. So it got me to thinking that the 2020 Olympics would mean I’d be 37…hmmmmm…

Ok, ok, not really. Let’s be realistic now! There’s no way I can even pretend to try and compete at the Olympics. I can barely walk 2 kms right now due to lupus, et al. But the point of inspiration is to get you excited. Let those dreams fly without limitations! It’s super fun to imagine myself competing at that level, to have the stamina, power, athleticism, and drive to make it considering how things have been for me in 2016. And, sure, saying I want to compete in the 2020 Olympics is – shall we call it – a bit audacious? But what’s the point of having a goal if it’s not big and crazy and totally insane?

The reality of my situation is that I have no idea when – or if – I’ll be as active as I ever was. But I want to keep trying. I want to keep dreaming and working towards something ridiculous *side note, I was looking up running plans of Couch to 50Km earlier this week*. I think it’s important to keep pushing yourself and having the ability to visualize yourself doing something beyond your capabilities right now. It may be necessary to have to adjust said dream or vision but…why not start with it? As kids, we’re told we can be whatever we want. We love that youth have the energy and the naivety to see past our lame adult-life cynicism that so often clouds our judgements. Why not bring reengage that spirit? Why not make yourself a crazy awesome goal to accomplish? Have some realistic expectations (I don’t think I’ll be running 50km in the next few months…but maybe next summer?) and be prepared to adjust as required.

I won’t consider it a failure if I don’t make the Olympic team. It’s not about setting yourself up with a goal or dream designed to ultimately fail. It’s about identifying what gets you excited and seeing who or what inspires you. Success will be defined and refined as I regain my health and strength but it’s incredibly fun to imagine oneself at the Olympics – because these athletes are mere mortals. It shows us that you and I both have the potential to reach a lofty dream like that.

So go ahead – make that crazy goal! Dream bigger! Be fearless! Let the Olympic spirit wash over you and make that commitment!

In Kamloops…which means I could already be riding the same trails as Catharine Pendrel!

PS: I recognize that some of you are wondering how I’m doing, and I appreciate the concern. Thing is, it hasn’t been great lately and I just did not feel like blogging about it right now! But I will – and soon. I got too excited dreaming about claiming a podium spot in Tokyo…

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