A broken shoulder and website hiatus

It’s been far too long since I posted and I do apologize for the lack of correspondence.

In June, we went on a sweet US road trip in our new-to-us 1995 GMC Vandura, Penelope (photos posted on Instagram, @active_women). At a total of about 7,500 km, we covered a lot of ground (WA, ID, UT, CO, WY, MT) and the only mechanical issue we had was a flat tire! We couldn’t believe it! PS: I love #vanlife!

Unfortunately, whether I choose to believe and accept it or not, my body still has lupus. And I’m still in a fairly acute phase given that I only just hit the 3 month mark about a week ago. At the start of travel, I was about 7 weeks in from beginning my meds. This resulted in some not very great days (like, needing-to-use-the-handicapped-stall-not-great). BUT on the days I could, we rode and hiked! Highlights included a 10,5000 ft elevation hike and a 12 mile bike ride (although that latter may have been a wee too much!).

I did (do?) plan on doing a more in-depth report (and rave about Silverton, CO and Grand Teton National Park!) but...I broke my shoulder. Yup, seriously. Last weekend. And have typed this one-handed with (obviously, of course!) my non-dominant left. Yes, it was mountain biking. No, it wasn’t cool. Just slipped out on a corner over a wet rock on a trail I know very, very well (we were back in Canada!). The specifics, as I know them, are a broken clavicle and broken coracoid which do not typically require surgery. I’ll be in a sling and keeping it immobile for about 12 weeks and I have NO clue how lupus affects my healing now! So…#notsoactivewoman

This means no website/blog activity for awhile! I’m sure I’ll be typing again soonish as my wrist and fingers are fine (errrr, well, fine pending lupus activity!). I can, however, navigate Facebook easily so please join the Active Women group for news and activity regarding amazing women and neat stories or videos. The Instagram account will be slower but if you use #activewomencanada I can share and promote your photos!

The good news in all of this is that this is it for me: I’ve used up my allocated health issues now, right? Giardia, lupus, broken shoulder. Done! 

And apologies for grammar and spelling errors, use of short forms, or limited descriptions!

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