An Inspiring Mom-and-Daughter Duo!

I’ve talked a lot about being a positive influence or inspiration in the lives of the women and girls you know: be it your daughter’s, your friends’, or even to students’. You have the power to be that role model and show young women and girls, especially, that the outdoors holds a ton of magical powers that will empower and shape them.

Enter: Diana.

I know Diana. Diana is (nearish) 60 and the type of Mom that obviously never thought kids to be a hindrance to slowing down her outdoor pursuits, as evidenced by her ongoing love for hiking, biking, and skiing. And she obviously has passed on that love for outdoor fun to her daughter, Joanna.

Joanna and Diana are entering the BC Bike Race. A top-level, high intensity mountain bike race that involves 7 days of riding approximately 50 km per day (yes, in a row) and big climbs and fun descents. This ride is not for the faint of heart or the unfit. Although physical stamina and technical riding skills are required, it’s the mental strength and determination that will get you through this. Even if you’re not aiming to place – just doing it as an “all-inclusive bike trip” (-per Diana!), training is still necessary, especially to get that butt hardened off enough to handle sitting in the saddle for that length of time!

What I love about their story is that Joanna’s goal – her dream – wasn’t to compete in the BC Bike Race, it was to “complete the BC Bike Race side-by-side mom” (my emphasis). Diana readily admits she was a bit…let’s say wary…of the proposal when Joanna suggested it. A little soul searching and chats with others who have competed in it and Diana realized what an opportunity and accomplishment this could be for them both.

I wish to give a shout-out and kudos to Diana in helping Joanna realize this dream and a shout-out and kudos to Joanna for recognizing that her mom is super awesome and totally capable of this endeavour! I wish the best to both of you and I hope you both will continue to inspire other women in your respective lives!

Interested in their training and how things are going?  Check out their joint blog here:

For more information on the BC Bike Race, check out  They have some neat videos clips of the last few years up, too!

Early morning ride

An early morning training ride up Red Mountain

*Photo cred to Diana and Joanna*

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