The craziness of Christmas, right?

Between parties, trying to get loose ends finished up before the year is out and, oh yeah, all those gifts you feel obligated to buy, how often does your exercise fall off that priority list in December?  Couple that with the extra booze we drink and extra cookies or other unhealthy fare we consume and pretty quickly we start to feel lethargic and then stressed…and then lethargic again.

Can you break that cycle?  It really is up to you:  sure, I can offer you “Hot Tips for Handling the Holidays!” but, reality is, I think you’re smart enough to know that eating well and exercising is the foundation for which everything else is built.  Take care of yourself in order to take care of others, right?

When you’re feeling really overwhelmed, can you stop and ask yourself if that office party will REALLY care if you show up 30 minutes late and instead of rushing off to it, you allow yourself a brisk walk instead?  

And Moms – those overworked and thankless folks in all of our lives – do you REALLY need to bake an extra tray of cookies?  Betcha the kids would prefer to go sledding instead.  In fact, couldn’t we all use a little bit more tobogganing in our lives?

You’ll feel physically better, get a boost of energy, feel emotionally recharged, help counteract that (2nd!) batch of shortbread you made last night, and be able to give yourself a mental cheer for accomplishing something that is both practical and fun.

And, OH! the presents!  The insane wastefulness and consumerism we all experience and get sucked into (I want new skis, for sure!).  The stress of how much to spend, what to give, whom to give to…UGH!  Why not stop that cycle, save some cash, and give a gift of fun:  Adam & I are heading to check out a new ski hill for our gifts to each other.  No random crap to give and we’ll have those memories and photos to share with each other for ever.  And it’s an active vacation.  Win-win.

When we gave up the concept of giving gifts to each other, it’s amazing how much better the two of us have felt.  I’m not asking everyone to stop giving presents and I do understand how joyful it is to see your kids go utter nuts when Santa shows but…maybe you can give a bit less.  I stand by that your kids just want to see more of you, your partner wants to see you happy, and your friends want you to be healthy.

Let’s all just take a great, big breath of fresh air (remember that not everyone can) and appreciate the people in our lives.

On that note, I’ll be skipping next week’s blog in lieu of optimizing my snow:fun time!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry Winter Solstice…and whatever else it is you celebrate!


There is one comment

  1. Suzanne Campbell

    Wow…well said Tara…you are so right…thanks for reminding us!!!!
    Enjoy your Christmas time with Adam…wish all our family could be together enjoying the snow!!!


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