Happy 1st Anniversary!

Wow!  It’s been about one year since I first launched Active Women.  Hard to believe.

The whole point of Active Women is to get more women outside and moving – in whatever activity they feel is best for them and on whatever level works for them.  It’s about pushing those comfort boundaries:  trying a new activity or improving on what you already do.  Secondly, I really wanted to showcase the Canadian talent that exists in a positive light since main stream media tends to either ignore or objectify women.

My original intent was always to promote women through the Awesome Active Women page but, alas, time is often the enemy!  Interviews take longer than I had anticipated.  Between setting them, conducting them, and then editing and formatting them, I just have not given it the energy and time it requires.  As Active Women is a hobby for me, the interviews, unfortunately, get pushed off.  Taking a few hours to write a blog post every week isn’t too much of a stretch for me to do:  taking the approximately 8 hours it takes for doing an interview from start to finish has proven difficult.  The irony being, I recognize how popular the two posted interviews have been.  From a viewing stand point, you readers LOVED hearing about both Rachael and Jenn!  So I must somehow try to give you more – perhaps I’ll sacrifice one blog post and dedicate that extra time to interviewing.  The good news (GREAT news, actually!) is that I have a huge list of women to speak with!   There is no lack of incredibly inspiring women out there – let’s just get them noticed!

Which brings me back to the first goal of this site:  to inspire YOU to get out and move more.  Have you done it?  Have you increased your outside time, in any activity?  Have you tried something new?  Or maybe you actually introduced someone to something new?  How has Active Women helped you and, more importantly, what can it do for you?

I also noticed how you loved reading about my PCT hiking experience.  And I agree:  I love reading about others’ and their trips.  The PCT was an opportunity for me but I recognize that taking a summer off is not feasible for everyone…but I bet you could squeeze a bit more time than you realize.  It’s what I’d love to hear about from you:  To share your stories about how you fell in love with the outdoors.  Did it happen just recently on a new trip experience?  Or maybe it’s something that was ingrained in you since childhood?   Contact me if you’re interested in sharing that experience as a guest post.

Looking forward, I’m continuing to build the Videos page to provide you with a spot for a mid-day brain break.  With any luck, watching any one of those videos will get you up and moving, even if it’s a 15 minute lunch walk!  Don’t underestimate what a short burst of fresh air can do for your energy and focus.

Instagram is continuing to grow and I still encourage and hope you’ll share your photos using either #activewomencanada or @active_women.  These photos are continually getting “likes” and comments so don’t be shy:  people want to see what you’re up!

Lastly, I’m hoping to launch a new Facebook page in the New Year so keep watch for that.  It will be a one-stop spot for you to check out amazing photos, videos, and stories.

Thank you again for continuing to support this page:  here’s to another great year!

Tara (aka Scorpia!)

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