I’ve written about how female athletes get asked the most ridiculous questions back when Eugenie Bouchard was asked to give the audience “a twirl”.   And I’m writing about it again because I need you, reader, to understand and hopefully take steps about fighting the ridiculous double standards that exist for women – and not just women in sport.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article on I Fucking Love Science’s Facebook page about a team of women undergoing an experiment to understand how an all-female crew would “fare with the physical, social and psychological strain of long-haul spaceflight.”  The team were asked questions about how they would cope without makeup or men around.  Yup…you read that write:  a team of incredibly intelligent women being asked about their makeup routine (but we don’t have sexism still, right?!).

Perhaps you’re already a convert and I’m preaching to the choir but I’m also pretty sure that some of you still aren’t aware of the depth of…well, dumb-ass comments and questions women get asked.  I know I’m shocked every time I hear about these things.  *Side note and kudos to our new Prime Minister, Mr. Trudeau, and his response when asked why gender balance in the cabinet is so important:  “Because it’s 2015”

Because it IS 2015 and women are STILL fighting with this crap.  And it’s not like these insulting questions or standards are only happening in 3rd world, war-torn countries where women’s rights are not even discussed.  It’s happening now, today, and right outside your door by the mainstream media you see and read every day.  I’ve stated before and I’ll continue to state that women need to be valued for their ability not just their look.   Breast size, hair style, the shape of one’s ass – all of these are documented topics professional female athletes deal with.

Apparently, I’m not the only one that’s getting sick of it.  Enter a campaign that is encouraging news channels to #covertheathlete.  Here’s a video they’ve created to shed some light on the situation and show us what happens when we ask male athletes the same questions:

It’s time we demand women get the coverage and respect they’ve rightfully earned and you can do that by demanding your media ask those questions you actually want to hear about:  the amount of training they’ve invested, sacrifices they’ve had to make, the travel they’ve seen, who they’re inspirations were and all of the incredible experiences they’ve gone through.  I bet most of these women have pretty wicked stories.  Let’s start hearing them.

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