Forgiveness, neuroma, and what’s next!

MP 1700

1700 miles: that’s MY personal distance record and happy to have done it!

It’s been about 3.5 weeks now and I feel this may be my final “PCT Update” post. I do plan on updating the PCT tab with a general review of what I learned for anyone interested in doing this or a similar long distance trail along with an overview/summary of how the trail was (including photos!).

I finally heard back from all of my test results and *surprise*…nothing’s there. So that either means I’ve received false negatives or (hopefully!) the antibiotics I was on worked and flushed what was probably giardia out of me. Of course, I’ve heard from more than one friend who has suffered from giardia that they either received multiple false negative test results and/or even after taking the antibiotics, it returned and another course was required. I’m hoping it’s just all taken care of and I’ll be going on some probiotics to help stabilize my gut lining given that between the illness and the treatment, apparently I don’t have many good bacteria left in me!

How am I doing? I still get asked this regularly so here’s the truth: Good, but…
I truly am doing well. I can’t complain, my health has bounced back and I’m out biking again. I even have calf muscles reappearing, muscles that had disappeared on me in spite of the crazy hiking that I was doing (another indicator that I needed to get off trail!). So, yes, I am happy that I’m healthy. However, to be honest, it sure makes it difficult to accept that I got off the trail but I know I got of for circumstances beyond my control. One fellow hiker pointed out how important it is for those still out hiking to appreciate they can still be out there: how quickly an injury or illness can force one off. I know I got off for the right reasons but I did question or berate myself for this decision; something that can easily be done now that I’m healthy and looking back.  But I wasn’t healthy when I got off and, recently, I found out I had actually developed a case of neuroma in both of my poor feetsies! Not a terrible condition but one that would worsen with time and distance (I’ve been informed no more running!). My body needed me to stop so I listened to it. I don’t share this seeking out any external comforts from you, readers. I only share this as a notice to others who may be experiencing – or may experience in the future – a similar feeling and to acknowledge that these feelings are normal, common, and not to worry. They shall pass.

I do remember how I felt upon completion of the cross-Canada cycle tour. Immediately, there was a feeling of exhilaration and joy for having accomplished it but, after a few days, I was kind of sad and down. And I think that’s my state right now: I just completed something that I’m so proud and stoked to have done but I now much readjust and figure out what comes next.

  • Step One has been forgiving myself – I did what I could and I’ve come around to accepting that. I’ve been able to reintegrate yoga into my life and that definitely helped my mindset.
  • Step Two is to prioritize Active Women and turn this website into what I truly envisioned it to be. As work is slow (or, errrr, non-existent!) I have the time to properly invest here and that means promoting more Awesome Active Women!  Please get in touch with me with Canadian women you know that embody the qualities of being an Awesome Active Woman.

I wish all of my friends excellent health and luck as they continue their trek north!

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