And so my hike ends in Ashland…

Yes, it’s true:  I’ve had to end my hike.  Please, don’t feel sad for me (I’m sure I’ll be feeling that enough in the coming days!).  It’s a health decision and one I felt I had to make.  

I’ve just been so low on energy; so very tired and not the good kind of exhaustion you feel after a great day outside.  It’s the kind you feel when your body has been fighting illness for a month and unable to absorb any nutrients you try to feed it.  I’ve lost an additional 12 lbs since Chester, about 2 weeks ago.  I just haven’t been able to eat.  I was getting worried for my health, although I was informed that being underweight for a short period of time wouldn’t produce any long term health affects.  But I feel crappy (hee hee, pun intended!) and have noticed short bouts of dizziness.  Not good – time to call it.

Truly, I don’t feel bad about this decision.  I think it is the correct one to make for me.  I plan on going home and binging on Netflix (specifically, Orange is the New Black!) and, once I can eat, stuffing myself with ridiculously high calorie foods.

And, yes, of course I’m happy and proud to have finished California – blah, blah, it’s an accomplishment on its own – but yes I’m very disappointed in not completing the trail.  My goal was to thru hike the PCT, not section hike it, not just finish California.  I did not complete that goal and it sucks failing at that.  However, just because I didn’t complete what I set out to do doesn’t mean I’m ignoring what I was able to pull off.  I’m so grateful to have had the support and health (hey, I did start out healthy!) to at least attempt this as I know so many people don’t even get the opportunity to try.  

So thank you, friends and readers, for sending your love and support!  Although my PCT hike is over for now, I will continue to blog on this site about various topics related to women being active.  I hope you’ll continue to read and share.

Thank you!

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  1. Ann Godderis

    Hey Tara;
    You are awesome…what an accomplishment !!….. A very wise decision to stop now & sounds as though you need some lab tests to see what kind of nasty bug you’ve picked up…. Hope to see you soon,,,.. In peace, Ann


  2. Claire Doré

    What an amazing journey you have taken – you never cease to amaze me – rest well, eat lots and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


  3. BeeKeeper

    Definitely be proud of your accomplishments. Never say I JUST hiked California. Health first, the trail will be there. With all the fires and smoke there’s a good chance you wouldn’t have been able to finish. Rest, eat and heal.


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