I thought I’d do a little update on how my food prep and planning has turned out.  Overall, I am happy with it but there are definitely some tweaks that, to do again, I would make.

First off, I wouldn’t have bothered making quite so much.  Given the time it took and the stress it caused, a few less of my premade meals wouldn’t have been an issue.  I definitely would not have wanted to count on fully resupplying all along the trail, but I could have relied on it more.

Secondly, and this was a big part of my resupply strategy, I based my boxes on limiting my town time or skipping towns completely.  Many of the towns are a hitchhike off the trail.  Having never hitched prior to this trail and not being familiar with the towns, I assumed it would be difficult and/or scary. Neither have turned out to be true which means I could have made and shipped myself less food and counted more on town resupply.  

I have mega carb cravings!  The food I prepared is low on simple carbs and I find myself envious of others’ mac & cheese or other pasta sides.  

It turns out that when you’re really, really hungry, those freeze dried backpacker meals are really tasty (of note able surprise was a biscuits and gravy breakfast I picked up from a hike box).

The quality of my food is really high and I do feel it’s providing me with significantly more nutrition than others.  I see this in not having been sick, minimal injuries, and also my recovery time when I do have an issue (such as my shin splint).

As for favourites or cravings, fresh fruit and rootbeers are at the top.  I packed out raspberries from Tuolomne Meadows and I was a fiend when I broke into them: there was no rationing or sharing them!  I regret not buying a second container.  I also discovered avocado on Ritz crackers is a lovely snack and that the Ritz crackers really hit the spot for me…I definitely need to pack those out.   I’ve loved both my quinoa salad and a lentils & wild rice meals I made; and when I eat a dip or soup a friend made I always smile (and sometimes almost cry since it means so much that you took the time to make them for me – thank you).  I haven’t bought a jar yet but I’m positive I’ll buy one soon:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup spread.  It’s essentially melted peanut butter cups and seems waaaay better than Nutella!  

On the food downside, my biggest disappointment is my baked beans!  They take a long time to rehydrate and I’m still figuring out what best to eat them with.

But I’m figuring it out and it’s coming along.  I do know I need to eat more!  I’m a wee worried about the 20 lbs I’ve lost and I’m not at the halfway make yet!  I can see ribs and my collar bones are way to prominent.  It’s not a look I’m particularly find of so I’m off to a buffet to try and amend that!

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