I haven’t hiked much lately…

I’m feeling like I haven’t hiked very much lately…it’s because I haven’t!  I left Acton in the afternoon so only had a half day (10 miles), then Mom picked me up and I had 2 zero days, I then only hiked 15 miles to a campsite, and the next day (Saturday) was a 7 mile hike into the Anderson’s trail angel house (called Casa de Luna).  I then had yet another detour decision to make and I ended up going with the consensus of the majority of the current hikers at Casa de Luna and hitching (or, in my case, asking Mom!) to Hikertown at Milepoint 517.  

The thing with the PCT is it’s officialy called a National Scenic Trail.  This means it takes the longest route possible, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the many, many, many switchbacks.  I don’t typically mind this, it doesn’t drive me nearly as crazy like it seems to others, you sort of just need to get in the groove and mindset of being out for a lovely stroll in beautiful terrain.  What will often end up happening near roads is the trail meanders up, down, around through the hills while you can easily see the road go straight through to your destination in about half the distance.  My options from Casa de Luna were to do the 12 mile road walk detour to get back to the PCT followed by 24 miles of trail to Hikertown…OR the road the full way for about 18 miles.  Mom was shuttling people all day out to Hikertown so…I skipped.  And I’m so glad I did!  I am now on the cusp of the Sierras (Milepoint 702!) and that little ride did a ton for boosting my morale.  I feel more energized than I feel after any zero days!

I sort of feel a bit guilty about skipping a section like that but the trade off turned out to be huge, not something I was fully expecting.  And so now I am waiting out yet another day here and will be night hiking, as is the common practice.  The next couple of days into Tehachapi are notoriously hot and exposed.  To siesta in the middle of the day means simply baking in your tent and drinking water (which means you need to carry more!).  I actually had plans of getting up super early (3am) and hitting the trail but ended up changing my mind as no one else seemed keen and I don’t feel like doing it completely alone.  And so, I shall have yet another day of not hiking…and resume tonight!  

A note about Hikertown:  it’s a neat little place that allows us hikers to congregate.  There are old, Western movie sets and trailers that have been converted into little bunkhouses for people to sleep in.  They have a website: http://www.hikertown.com

So happy!  The 42 mile waterless stretch is no more!  A key spring was fixed about half way!

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  1. Karen Switzer-Howse

    What an amazing journey you’re having! And wonderful that your Mom is able to be there – sounds like the ride she gave you did more for you than just cover a few miles :-). I checked out Hikertown, very impressive. It’s wonderful how people have come together to support hikers along the PCT, it must do a world a good to help lioft your spirits after an especially tough hike. Keep on keeping on – you’re doing amazing!


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