Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Unfortunately, I did not have internet when I wrote this up so it’s coming a little late…but here were my thoughts just prior to starting:

Yup!  I start tomorrow!  I thought I’d do a quick post both to do an update and to test out the WordPress app since I haven’t done that yet!  So my most sincere apologies for any and all grammar and spelling…phone keyboards, and all.

Over the last 2-ish weeks, without fail, I’ve been asked:

  1. Are you ready?
  2. How are you feeling?

Well…I’m definitely technically ready:  all of my gear is packed, maps organized, food cooked, etc. In spite of all my planning, there’s always more that could have been or planned.  Yesterday, I realized I had forgotten any patch/repair kit, my emergency fire starter, and lighter or matches.  Kind if important stuff but that’s the problem…everything can be important and there’s always just one more item.

This type of thinking can really impact how I’m feeling but, at some point, I have to just let it go and figure things out on the trail.  Sure, it would have sucked if I had forgotten matches/lighter but I wouldn’t have starved!  Not only are there enough towns along the way for me to pick up a lighter in, I have planned that I always have enough food between towns in case I do have a maintenance or fuel issue (sure, I’d be hungry, but not starve).

I know I’ve done all I can and now I just need to start walking!  I’m ready, excited, and stoked!  I’m also sad to say goodbye to Adam.  I’m also sad I didn’t say goodbye to Shasta…when we dropped her off, she was so excited to wake up Amber that I didn’t want to call her back to make her sad (she always gets upset whenever Adam or I leave).  The first week or two will be difficult; physically of course, but mostly emotional.  I’ll be by myself until I meet new friends, with nobody to share my ups and downs with.  It will be hard but I know won’t last!

And so, I’m ready to get going!!  Until next time!

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  1. lynne Ellis

    Good luck, Tara. I’m so stoked to even know anyone as adventurous as you. I’ll be watching for your reports. Take care.


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