PCT Update

In less than 4 weeks, I’ll be on Day 2 of my PCT hike!

Things are coming along but I’m definitely still fairly intense in the planning.  I need to finish separating my maps into my resupply boxes (17), finish up a few more meals (43!), grab some last minute gear and clothing (socks, pants), print out my permits…just to name a few.  I did, however, finish repackaging Gatorade recently.  Gatorade very generously sent Vicky and I a case for the CANOL hike last year.  We did not need nearly that much and I’ve been able to reuse it for this year so that’s awesome!  I’ve got my lemon Gatorade covered!

I’ve been running on a fairly high stress level over the last few weeks as I try to finish up work duties, a course, and do this planning.  A friend recently mentioned how much more difficult it was to do this completely on my own versus with a partner, and it’s true.  I hadn’t realized how much easier it is to plan with another person, even if that person is merely providing moral support while you’re doing most of the prep, there is something about having a second person involved to help alleviate some of those smaller details and to be able to divvy up the chores.  It’s been tough but things are coming along.  I feel that, at this point, I’ll have the bulk of my resupply boxes completed and I can either buy some dehydrated meal packages in advance or I’ve had quite a few offers from friends to cook me up a meal or two (Adam’s even admitted to the fact he won’t let me starve over the summer so is willing to cook up a batch of curry or chilli for me!).

Thanks to everyone who’s handed over a meal, offered up their dehydrator, or provided me with general support.  It does mean a lot to me and it’s really appreciated.

I imagine my posting may not be as consistent over the next couple of weeks while I scramble to complete everything but don’t worry – I will be posting from the trail (probably weekly).  Additionally, I have my Instagram account (user: active_women) for photos and will be using #activewomencanada regularly.

And I’ve added two new pages for those who aren’t quite up-to-date on the PCT and my plans!  Please visit the Pacific Crest Trail Info and Resupply Plans pages for more information.

Thanks everyone!

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