Active Women and Self-Acceptance

It’s nearly February and normally this is a good time to see where these new year’s resolutions are. Reading this blog, hopefully there was some inclination back in late December / early January to stay active in some fashion.  Oh right, those goals we frequently set, yet for some reason they fail more often than not. The cycle of “double G’s” (goal and guilt) sets in.

It is a common theme amongst all human beings – no one is immune to the double G’s. We have our best intentions set, but for some reason or another, the plans get derailed and the goal is lost… at least until the next new year.

But how to stop this cycle so that we can continue to change and move towards a “better me”? There are many factors that contribute to the “success or failure” of “goals” but today’s blog the focus is on the most important one: Self-acceptance as you are right now.

Whether you are a young mom doing 20 minute walks with the new baby or an elite athlete trying to qualify for worlds, self acceptance as you are now is the partner in crime who will help you along the way when the going gets tough.

If one accepts themselves as they are now, then the guilt stops. It sounds so simple but yet is so hard to apply in our lives. Guilt sets in when a goal (whether big or small) is not achieved. This is a destructive habit that dissolves our goals and creates negative emotions within us. Take a moment and ponder. Accept yourself as you are now and not when you can ski moguls without stopping or do that 10 km skate ski under 30 minutes.

Self-acceptance does not mean that you become a coach potato and are unmotivated. Instead, you are establishing a solid base of support and respect for yourself. Each step you take towards improvement means you are accepting your situation with love rather than guilt. With practice you will break the cycle of guilt and it will be easier to continue to pursue your goal. Face it: hiccups will occur when working towards your goals… that’s just how life rolls.

Okay, so how do we learn to accept ourselves as we are now?

Well, I will admit this is a flaky answer: it’s different for each person and there is no right answer. It is such a personal thing, that what works for Jane might not work for you.

To start, I would recommend talking to friends, family, professionals, reading books and doing some self-reflection to find what might work for you. Start with something that allows you to look inside yourself. Some ideas that many women use and that work are religion, yoga, meditation, journaling, counselling, and coffee dates.

Check-in and ask yourself:

  1. Do I experience the double G’s?
  2. Do I truly accept my situation as it is right now?
  3. What might work to learn how to accept myself as I am now?

Subsequent blogs will touch upon tools and other subjects to support our drive to be Active Women. These topics include modifying activity to meet varying physical abilities, managing stress and energy levels, self-acceptance and self-talk and much much more.

Until the next blog,

Teresa Cheng, MOT, BHK

Occupational Therapist


There are 2 comments

  1. Karen D. Montgomery PT ATP

    Thanks Teresa. I like what you wrote, and think it is also along a concept I work with, which is, BE. I’m also trying to “smile from my liver” (Eat, Pray, Love – Katut). “Smiling from my liver” helps me get out of that very immediate rut I seem to get in sometimes, and allow me to be better able to take the next step, or just stay in a better place BEing for awhile. Looking forward to more from you.


  2. Teresa Cheng, OT

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do remember that quote from Eat, Pray, Love! What a great method to approach life’s obstacles. I think next month’s blog will be on the strategy of “self-talk” and how it can be an important tool in our daily life. May you be Happy Karen!


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