A general update

Hello all!

Thank you so much for your support over the last few weeks!  I’m really happy about the positive feedback I’ve received, particularly in regards to the features of Awesome Active Women!  I’ve been swamped with people who are interested in speaking with me, sharing their stories, and then passing along other names for me to contact.

I feel I should note that I do work full-time, am working on finishing my degree, and have multiple volunteer commitments.  This means I am not able to actually keep up with the demand for the interviews.  I have noted everyone’s contact and do truly appreciate your input and, please, continue to send me names and ideas!  I am hoping Active Women will be around for a long time so the longer my list gets, the better.

Instagram!  I’ve been trying to post a photo/day, but I admit, it’s sometimes difficult for me to do so.  I need your help in tagging them with #activewomencanada and I can then feature and promote them for you!

I’ve also decided to do some updates on my PCT preparation.  I have been receiving questions from people on what type of prep I have to do so I will being providing updates on the various planning, gear, and food I have to get organized.  I’m thinking I will just “tag” those particular blog posts with PCT and, if interested, you can then sort all the posts by searching that tag or category.

Lastly, I’m really excited to have a contributor to this site:  Occupational Therapist, Teresa Chang.  Do you have any OT friends?  Have you ever asked them “So, WHAT is it you do?”.  You’ll receive a huge variety of responses.   Although occupational therapists can help people return to work, the word “occupation” in their title is quite misleading and it actually refers to, and is trying to convey the word, “activity”. Occupational therapists help people return to their daily activities in light of injury.  They work with everyone from newborns to our elders; injuries that are physical, have to do with mental health, or a result of a brain injury.   It could be any activity ranging from something simple like brushing your teeth to a complex task like driving.  Teresa will be providing monthly articles (tentatively on the last Friday of the month) on a variety of topics and if you have any questions for her, please send them in!  Her first article should be published this Friday, January 30th.

Once again, thanks for your support!


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