Introducing Awesome Active Woman, Rachael Roussin!

Promoting active women – that’s a key component of Active Women and I’m happy to introduce you to Rachael Roussin, my 1st Awesome Active Woman feature.

Hopefully her energy is contagious and gets you out this weekend!  Enjoy the snow and have some fun, regardless of what the weather is doing.  There’s always something to do.

Please send me names of your friends or colleagues who you think fit the description of being Awesome Active Women; whether she’s a professional athlete, a regular mom, or has turned her love for outdoors into a career, I want to meet her!  Age is not an issue:  young or old, let’s showcase those amazing and inspiring women in our lives.

Don’t forget to post your photos on Instagram with #activewomencanada to show me what you’ve been up to.

Thanks everyone!

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